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The power
of imagination


After 25 years, the CliniClowns are well known for bringing happiness to kids who are hospitalized. But CliniClowns have an effect that goes beyond simple joy. We helped the CliniClowns to strengthen their position as healthcare professionals by focusing on the alleviating power of imagination.

How can we shift the perception of the CliniClowns?
Growing a better
world together


Growing a better world together. Not just a new campaign, but a meaningful creative business idea for a brave bank. Rabobank is taking a stand to secure a sustainable food future. By introducing Kickstart Food, a programme to help kickstart and upscale food innovations developed by clients and partners around the world, Rabobank is taking on the biggest food issues on 6 continents. From increasing food production and lowering ecological impact (Kickstart Earth), to diminishing food waste (Kickstart Waste) and from creating a stable and efficient food market (Kickstart Stability) to providing enough healthy food for everyone (Kickstart Nutrition).

How to reposition Rabobank as a courageous bank that takes a stand on big societal issues?
Comeback stories


Entrepreneurs prefer not to talk about financial problems. As a result, they seek help too late and their problems become even bigger. To break this cycle and let entrepreneurs know they are not alone, we developed the KVK Comeback line: a helpline where entrepreneurs can seek advice and support anonymously 24/7.

How can KVK play a significant role in supporting business owners?
Love for later


Instead of a client brief, this idea started with an article about a boy receiving a box full of letters from his father who had passed away at an early age. Moved by his story and the realisation of how much it can mean to someone to receive such a legacy, we were motivated to inspire others to do the same. We found the perfect partner in our client, Hallmark.

How to help Hallmark to play a genuine role in helping people connect?
The effect of light


Light has more impact than you think. The right light at the right time and in the right place can have a huge impact on a person or a place; It can stimulate self-confidence, fuel the fire in a relationship or instantly change your living room from “work hard” to “play hard”. With the introduction of IKEA smart LED we show the potential that light holds to improve the quality of your life at home. At the same time, we debunk the preconceptions people have when it comes to LED light.

Because when you realise what smart LED can do, you will wonder: which effect can I create?

How to debunk the preconceptions about LED?
Get up 100% recharged

Get up 100% recharged – IKEA

A good night’s rest is very important. To process the previous day and gain energy for the next one. Yet people often fail to wake up well rested. As a result they are less comfortable and less productive. In this campaign, IKEA helps you to turn your bedroom into a place to recharge.

How can IKEA help the Dutch to improve their quality of sleep?
Stirring up the trade in CO2!

Stirring up the trade in CO2! – Greenchoice

Green energy provider Greenchoice ‘hacked’ the European Emissions Trading System and is calling on citizens to buy emission rights from the market. Every emission right equals 1 ton of CO2 that polluters can’t emit anymore! In the first week of the campaign already 8000 tons of emission rights have been bought and politicians are already talking about this hot topic.

How can Greenchoice create public awareness for the Emission Trade System?
Stop 'earth screwing',
start taking action


Greenchoice is one of the first green energy suppliers to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy in the Netherlands. But the company has lots of new competitors, which has lead to a lack of visibility. We need to reposition the brand and make sure everyone in the Netherlands knows what Greenchoice is about.
We built upon the brands unique ‘rebellious’ heritage and positioned Greenchoice as an energy supplier that actually takes action to make the transition happen. In the first campaign we ask consumers to stop ‘earth screwing’, which means less talk and more action when it comes to saving the planet.

How to make Greenchoice more distinctive and create more impact?
Easier said
than done


Metamucil is a remedy against constipation. An issue more people suffer from than you would expect. That’s easy to understand, because people just don’t like to talk about it. Consequently, Metamucil leads a quiet life in the shelves of the drugstores. With a straightforward, dead-simple campaign we just skip the embarrassment and link the brand to the core of the matter. And have a laugh in between.

How to raise awareness for Metamucil?
Hitting the
sweet spot


The Netherlands is unconsciously addicted to sugar, creating a tsunami of new type 2 diabetes cases: 1100 new patients per week (NL). To stop this growing public health crisis, Havas Lemz and the Dutch Diabetes Foundation created the world’s first Sugar Rehab Clinic. It generated awareness among consumers, manufacturers and the government.

How do we shake up the sugar discussion?