Creativity can
change the world

Sweetie – Terre des Hommes Netherlands

As a new form of online child abuse spread around the world, governments seemed not to know how to stop it. So we helped the international children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes develop a creative solution that police everywhere could adopt to end this terrible phenomenon. And the results were astonishing.

How can we stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism?
Prove the power
of your brand

Hidden Camera Card – Hallmark

In today’s digital age, communication is quick and easy, and so it’s often not very thoughtful—we give our attention to more people, but less real attention to the people who deserve the most. So we used a technological innovation to demonstrate the deep emotional impact that Mother’s Day cards have on mothers.

Capturing the impact of real attention
Put your brand
beliefs to action

Think in Solutions – IKEA

Needless to say, life during an economic crisis isn’t easy. People felt that their options were limited, so IKEA took the lead in showing that the possibilities are endless if we think in solutions.

It’s time to think in solutions
Build and strengthen

KLM. The Dutch Royal Airlines

To show KLM’s commitment to strengthening its relationships with customers, 450 uniformed KLM employees volunteered to respond in a fun new way to questions and comments posted on social media platforms.

Going the extra mile in service
Brands can do
great things

Money makes you happy – Staatsloterij

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it turns out that’s not true. So we changed the way people think about winning the lottery, showing the Netherlands how to achieve true happiness with their winnings.

Money makes you happy (when you share it)
Stay true to your principles.


A movement that empowers members to travel in freedom and security was losing relevance. So we cleared the dust off their brand and brought them back to their core values, showing the power of the collective.

We’re better off together
Take an active
societal role

Neighbor Day – Douwe Egberts

Slumping coffee sales turned out to be a symptom of a deeper societal problem: the fracturing of community relationships. Coffee is a social drink, so we created a new national holiday that brings neighbors together every year to drink coffee and get to know each other. And it became the second biggest holiday in Holland!

Creating a new holiday that brings people together