Love, peace,
and storage

IKEA Emoticons

Playful use of emoticons can be a friendly nudge in the right direction toward a tidier and happier home. With this app people can express their frustration about each other’s clutter in a cheerful way. Of course, these emoticons are not a replacement for face-to-face conversation. But a message to your loved one about his shoes lying around accompanied by a fun emoticon, can help to delicately break the ice, making it easier to start conversation without any tension. IKEA is effectively bringing love, peace, and storage back into homes worldwide.

Attention makes
more beautiful

Attention makes everything more beautiful – IKEA

IKEA has never told the secret behind delivering beautiful, high quality home furnishing solutions for an affordable price. In order to tell that secret this in a credible way, real designers tell audiences why and how they make the products with so much care and attention.

Put your brand
beliefs to action

Think in Solutions – IKEA

It’s time to think in solutions. Because the possibilities are endless when you think in solutions. And that is what IKEA stands for. It is the mentality that made the Swedish home furniture store to what it is today: Do more with less. For example, when costs of childcare rise so much it costs you more to work full-time than to take an extra day each week with the kids; when you want to have a baby, but your home lacks the space you’d need to extend your family; when the job market stagnates, but you’re not happy where you are; or when you want to move, but for whatever reason it’s simply not possible. IKEA wants to show people that thinking in solutions makes the possibilities endless.