Making the invisible


You don't see it, but the air you breathe every day is unclean. In many parts of The Netherlands the air is more unhealthy than you think. Each year, over 5,000 Dutch people die as a direct result of this pollution. It is a big problem but because air pollution is mostly invisible, people are not really aware of the danger. That is why Havas Lemz came up with an easy way to make the invisible visible: an air quality check on your mobile phone.

How long can you
hold your breath
for lung research?

How long can you hold your breath for lung research

The Dutch Lung Foundation (Longfonds) fights for healthy air and healthy lungs. To raise funding and awareness for groundbreaking lung research, we let people experience first hand how it feels to be breathless. In the campaign, How long can you hold your breath for lung research?, people across the Netherlands challenge each other to hold their breath as long as possible and donate 10 cents for each second. Everyone can record a personal video of their breath-holding attempt using a special website, which they can forward to challenge their peers. When the Netherlands holds its breath for 3 million seconds collectively, the lung research will become possible.