Stop 'earth screwing',
start taking action


Greenchoice is one of the first green energy suppliers to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy in the Netherlands. But the company has lots of new competitors, which has lead to a lack of visibility. We need to re-position the brand and make sure everyone in the Netherlands knows what Greenchoice is about.
We built upon the brands unique ‘rebellious’ heritage and positioned Greenchoice as an energy supplier that actually takes action to make the transition happen. In the first campaign we ask consumers to stop ‘earth screwing’, which means less talk and more action when it comes to saving the planet.

Re-position Greenchoice: make it more distinctive and create more impact.
The power
of imagination


After 25 years, the CliniClowns are well known for bringing happiness to kids who are hospitalized. But CliniClowns have an effect that goes beyond simple joy. We helped the CliniClowns to strengthen their position as healthcare professionals by focusing on the alleviating power of imagination.

How to re-position CliniClowns, using their power of imagination?
Easier said
than done


Metamucil is a remedy against constipation. An issue more people suffer from than you would expect. That’s easy to understand, because people just don’t like to talk about it. Consequently, Metamucil leads a quiet life in the shelves of the drugstores. With a straightforward, dead-simple campaign we just skip the embarrassment and link the brand to the core of the matter. And have a laugh in between.

How to raise awareness for Metamucil?
Bringing the
virus to life


The worldwide decline of HIV infections is stalling. AIDS is now killing over 3,000 people each day. But most people think medical advances and prevention programs are working to end HIV. Unfortunately, inequality, poverty and politics are the real threats and they are helping the virus spread. HIV could still win. We need a wake up call to shake people up.

How can we remind people of the HIV threat?
A Celebration
of Craftsmanship


How do we get the new Peugeot Expert in the minds of experts like plumbers, carpenters, tilers, welders, gardeners, plasterers and so on? By celebrating their craftsmanship. Peugeot Expert chooses side with the experts and together we created impactful billboards as proof of their and Peugeot’s expertise.

How to introduce the Peugeot Expert to the experts?
Hitting the
sweet spot


The Netherlands is unconsciously addicted to sugar, creating a tsunami of new type 2 diabetes cases: 1100 new patients per week (NL). To stop this growing public health crisis, Havas Lemz and the Dutch Diabetes Foundation created the world’s first Sugar Rehab Clinic. It generated awareness among consumers, manufacturers and the government.

How do we shake up the sugar discussion?
See the air
you breathe


You don’t see it, but the air you breathe every day is unclean. In many parts of The Netherlands the air is more unhealthy than you think. Each year, over 5,000 Dutch people die as a direct result of this pollution. It is a big problem but because air pollution is mostly invisible, people are not really aware of the danger. That is why Havas Lemz came up with an easy way to make the invisible visible: an air quality check on your mobile phone.

How can we make people aware of air pollution in the Netherlands?
Attention makes
more beautiful

Attention makes everything more beautiful – IKEA

IKEA is a popular brand in The Netherlands, and it inspires a lot of customers to keep coming back. But there’s also a group of people who think that the quality of their products is not high enough, and that variety of styles is limited. IKEA has so much more value to offer than some people realize. A repositioning campaign tells the real stories behind the products, and shows how much effort and attention IKEA puts into creating a better everyday life at home.

How to improve the perception of IKEA?
Don't give kids
a choice

Toy or Toxic – VeiligheidNL

Every year in the Netherlands, 7,500 accidents happen with household chemicals. In most cases the victims are young kids. To make parents aware of how drawn kids are to playing with household chemicals, VeiligheidNL and The National Food Products Authority conducted a special experiment with neuroscientists.

How can we stop accidents from happening with household chemicals?
Creativity can
change the world

Sweetie – Terre des Hommes Netherlands

As a new form of online child abuse spread around the world, governments seemed not to know how to stop it. So we helped the international children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes develop a creative solution that police everywhere could adopt to end this terrible phenomenon. And the results were astonishing.

How can we stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism?
the invisible

The Invisible Made Visible – The Food and Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum)

Every year more than 700,000 Dutch people get food poisoning from dangerous invisible bacteria commonly found in their own kitchens. We created a campaign to activate the public’s latent knowledge about food hygiene. Our primary target audience was the home cook. Our secondary target audience was everyone else.

Take an active
societal role

Neighbor Day – Douwe Egberts

Slumping coffee sales turned out to be a symptom of a deeper societal problem: the fracturing of community relationships. Coffee is a social drink, so we created a new national holiday that brings neighbors together every year to drink coffee and get to know each other. And it became the second biggest holiday in Holland!

Creating a new holiday that brings people together
Build and cherish

Live Reply – KLM

To show KLM’s commitment to strengthening its relationships with customers, 450 uniformed KLM employees volunteered to respond in a fun new way to questions and comments posted on social media platforms.

Going the extra mile in service
Stay true
to your principles

Better off Together- ANWB

A movement that empowers members to travel in freedom and security was losing relevance. So we cleared the dust off their brand and brought them back to their core values, showing the power of the collective.

We’re better off together
Put your brand
beliefs to action

Think in Solutions – IKEA

Needless to say, life during an economic crisis isn’t easy. People felt that their options were limited, so IKEA took the lead in showing that the possibilities are endless if we think in solutions.

It’s time to think in solutions
in a better


The Pension Fund for Care and Welfare, PFZW takes care of the pensions of professionals in care and welfare in The Netherlands. By investing in companies that contribute to a better world. This campaign supports care and welfare professionals and makes them aware of their collective power.

How can we help the most caring people on the planet to improve the world?


Health insurer CZ does everything for better care. Where most health insurance companies just focus on insuring medical care, CZ also offers practical assistance. Because CZ believes health insurance is about more than just picking up the bill. So when other health insurers start battling for new customers for the new year, CZ choose not to join this arms race. CZ doesn’t make exaggerated promises about their services in a TV commercial. Instead, they proof the benefits they offer in a series of mini documentaries.

How can we give proof, not promises?
How long can you
hold your breath
for lung research?

How long can you hold your breath for lung research

Longfonds – the Dutch Lung Foundation – fights for healthy air and healthy lungs. In the activation campaign – How long can you hold your breath for lung research? – the Dutch challenge each other to hold their breath as long as possible and donate 10 cents for every second. Challenge your friends at

Brands can do
great things

Money makes you happy – Staatsloterij

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it turns out that’s not true. So we changed the way people think about winning the lottery, showing the Netherlands how to achieve true happiness with their winnings.

Money makes you happy, when you share it

Caring for Caregivers – CZ

Health insurance company CZ does everything for better care. While most health insurance companies only focus on insuring medical care, CZ also offers practical assistance. CZ provides support and relief to informal care givers of family members suffering from dementia, so care givers can spend more quality time with their loved ones and less time filling out paperwork for them. We didn’t want to just talk about the huge effect of this support in a standard TV commercial. We wanted to prove it in a mini documentary.

Can a health insurance company improve quality of life?
The power
of real attention

Hidden Camera Card – Hallmark

In today’s digital age, communication is quick and easy, and so it’s often not very thoughtful—we give our attention to more people, but less real attention to the people who deserve the most. So we used a technological innovation to demonstrate the deep emotional impact that Mother’s Day cards have on mothers.

Capturing the impact of real attention

You’re All Good – Optimel / FrieslandCampina

The Dutch dairy brand Optimel has proudly been the brand of choice for women in the Netherlands for over 10 years. Optimel believes that women should be able to enjoy carefree lives. And all Optimel products help make that possible. Because they have the tasty goodness of dairy without fat or added sugar.  We launched a positioning campaign to bring Optimel’s message into the lives and hearts of Dutch women.

Empowering women to live the life they choose

The Netherlands wins

The Dutch Lottery (‘Nederlandse Loterij’) is a new corporate brand that unites seven lotteries. Following their corporate mission to contribute to a happier and healthier society, Dutch Lottery earmarks a large part of their profits for charities related to sports and exercise. So, in our introduction campaign we wanted to show that from now on lottery players won’t be the only ones winning.

How to show the societal impact of a new corporate lottery brand?
Recruiting via Airbnb


Reaching the best international talent for an internship at our agency in Amsterdam without a big advertising budget always is a challenge. So we found a special way to make sure that many ad students from all over the world knew that we were looking for interns. Not only did many ad students apply for an internship but also many people in the industry got to know Havas Boondoggle as an agency that creates innovative, fresh and surprising ideas.

“Do you eat, breath and sleep advertising?”
Love, peace,
and storage

IKEA Emoticons

IKEA introduces a solution to an age-old problem—something we call “clutter blindness.” It’s the uniquely human characteristic of seeing other peoples’ clutter while not at all noticing our own. This affliction has led to a lot of miscommunication between loved ones throughout history. Recent research by IKEA shows that it causes tension and fights in 33% of households worldwide.

That’s why IKEA introduces Emoticons, an app featuring a new series of emoticons that bring positivity and fun to daily quibbles about clutter, effectively bringing love, peace, and storage to homes all over the world.

Can storage solutions put an end to centuries of domestic disputes?

The Great Listen-Along Operation – CliniClowns

To demonstrate that CliniClowns achieve far more than laughter, Lemz repositioned the brand with a new campaign and pay-off: “No childish effect”. With ‘The Great CliniClowns Listen-Along Operation’ The Netherlands can for the first time, really hear and feel the profound effect of the clowns’ visits.

a selfmade city


This city by the sea is actively looking for young professionals to come and settle. It’s a place full of selfmade people with a refreshing attitude: easy-going and ambitious. Yet they never take life too seriously. The only way to really appreciate the unique vibe is to come and see for yourself. So, we created a campaign where you can try the city for free.

How can we attract young professionals to The Hague?
PSV is on loan


With an unique sponsorship activation Freo gave PSV Eindhoven fans the opportunity to loan 100 unique PSV items via a spectacular online platform. A whole season the fans loaned items ranging from the car of the goalie to the dugout chairs. The activation helped Freo linking its brand to online loaning.

How can we link the Freo brand to online loans?
Growing a better
world together


Growing a better world together. Not just a new campaign, but a meaningful creative business idea for a brave bank. Rabobank is taking a stand to secure a sustainable food future. By introducing Kickstart Food, a programme to help kickstart and upscale food innovations developed by clients and partners around the world, Rabobank is taking on the biggest food issues on 6 continents. From increasing food production and lowering ecological impact (Kickstart Earth), to diminishing food waste (Kickstart Waste) and from creating a stable and efficient food market (Kickstart Stability) to providing enough healthy food for everyone (Kickstart Nutrition).

How to reposition Rabobank as a courageous bank that takes a stand on big societal issues?